Applied Project Prospectus

The Little Book of Wonders

I could create a book, a guide essentially, of all of the natural painter tools one can find.  The book would be compiled of children’s art and pictures of their process.  A book, by kids and for kids that helps broaden their experiences, and guides parents and teachers along the process of going with the flow when it comes to being one with nature and art…..

…..This was my idea generated.  I really want to make a book with art from my classroom.  I work with children ages 2 months to 2 years and you better believe that we do art everyday! Art is free flowing, expressive and most of all encouraging.  I have this idea to have my own business where I use nature and art as therapeutic tools of expression.  I want to put together a book of art that children have created, using tools of various means.  A paintbrush is rarely used in my room, unless I am painting feet, grass or other objects to use as the tools.

The book, not sure of its official title yet, will be set up with pictures of children carrying out the motions and tasks.  Descriptions of what the art enhance will also be included with each activity and tool.  Some of the details in what the art and tools provide can include…..

Eye Hand Coordination

Fine Motor Detail

Spatial Awareness

Cross Body Movements…etc.

The book will ave a smilier set up in each page that way it can be used as a reference.  If someone were to pick up the book and need an art ideas to enhance Gross Motor output, they can look to Rocks-ina-Box.  If someone wants an activity that helps with sensory issues you can look to Ice-Cube Creations.  Each activity is carted with tools around us, and can carried to meet the needs of a new tool, the child individually or the setting you are provided.

I am looking forward to combining my ideas, children’s art and having a joint effort to create a unique and usable tool for teachers, parents, researchers and art lovers alike along with everyone in between!

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