Interdisciplinary Studies Essay

Stacy Navis

Interdisciplinary Studies Essay


Expressive Arts in Education


My program is Expressive Arts in Education. Within this program I want to focus my courses mainly on business with some Psychology. In combining business with the educational and psychological components I have already gained and achieved, I feel I have created a strong program to help propel me to my future goals. Through the business courses I want to develop and obtain a sense of understanding of what owning and running my own successful business would entail.

Expressive Arts in Education is aimed towards Business, Psychology and Early Childhood Education all incorporating expressive arts and nature. The use of expressive arts as a tool for healing in my small business will come through exposure of different mediums and powered with the child’s’ interest in mind bringing nature into sessions, and session into nature.

The ultimate goal in my career is to combine children and art in a sense that helps them find who they are and gain coping skills within their everyday lives. I would love to have my own company where I can travel to schools in the surrounding areas and offer my services to children. With my company I would focus on the expressive arts and nature as tools for growth and healing. The name for my dream company is PEACE of Mind. PEACE is an acronym for Practicing Expressive Arts Creating Encouragement. The name of my company says it all for what I hope to achieve in working with children on a clinical level.

I have my Associates degree in Early Childhood Education and have a great grasp on what the whole child needs. In my years teaching I have seen the power of art reach not only children, but also the adults in their lives a well. Art is a means to express when we cannot always get our words out. Art is a tool that any one can use and transform for themselves. Art is a way to be free.

With this vision of owning my own business and running a smooth program that works, I feel that it is important to first have an understanding of what owning a business means. I feel that the courses that I have chosen for myself will help me achieve that goal.

Ultimately after I obtain my Bachelors degree here at Plymouth State I hope to continue on in my education at the university to receive my Masters in Counseling with a concentration in Play Therapy. Once accepted into that program the work will be geared towards counseling and courses related only to that discipline. I feel that this is my chance to gain all I can in business to pair it with the Early Childhood Education and Psychology components that I already possess.

Plymouth State University’s Interdisciplinary Studies program is exactly what I need to achieve this dream of my small business. With the combination of disciplines that I am looking to meld, I need the option to pick and choose a few from each area. If I were to pursue a degree in business I feel that I would lose the Psychology components, which is important for me to have. I also feel that the Psychology program is not for me because I want to have more options in what my focus is on, and an Interdisciplinary Studies degree allows me to do so.

I want to bring together Early Childhood Education, Psychology and Business that includes art and nature embedded deep within my program. Another reason I am steering away from a major in Psychology and a possible minor in Business is because I work full time and have picked up more jobs to return to school. A Psychology degree is not offered at night here at Plymouth State so it would not be a beneficial program for me at this time. Interdisciplinary Studies is the program for me that fits my current needs and my future ambitions.

Currently holding an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education I feel that continuing to pursue that program in my second degree is not the path I want to take. I want to use my education to push myself further, gaining more knowledge in more disciplines, to be the most successful in helping children during their first years of life.


Measuring Behavior (TECO):

When it comes to the behavior of children I can make assumptions of why the behaviors are occurring and what can be done to redirect or eliminate said behaviors. Through my experience teaching I have ideas and strategies to cope with the behavior, but I do not know how to properly gather information, look at the figures and truly analyze what is occurring. This analysis is what I need in order to understand and implement solutions for healing in my sessions. This course will give me a solid foundation for what it truly means to observe actions and what to do with all of the vital information making it as impactful as it can be in my therapeutic process.


Statistics in Psychology (QRCO):

Each child is different from the next; hence we are all individuals. Children may exert different behaviors and respond to different methods of redirection, therapy and discipline but the application of studying and helping these behaviors must come from a place of common research, knowledge and application. This class can provide what those commonalities, equations and variables look like. I feel I can gain a lot of useful tools and methods to help enable myself to better the children and families that I service.


Principles of Marketing:

To have a business and to be successful with it comes from promoting yourself, your products and your service. This course can provide me with hands on tools that can help me promote myself in a way that is fresh, thorough and easy to receive. I will need to market my business to not only schools but families as well. I want to have a great understanding for how to do that in what’s best for the population I serve, my company and myself.


Financial Reporting and Analysis:

In starting out with my own small business I should be informed on not only how to market what I provide yet also have an understanding for financial matters within my small business. I want to be capable of running things on my own to start, and eventually do well enough to grow within staffing and perhaps expand wherever my services can reach. I want to understand the financial aspects and know what to calculate, how and where those calculations fit into play within my business. I want to know what comes in and what goes out and know how to fix a monetary situation when it arises.


Business Innovations:

With creating my own business unique to its services I think this class will be extremely helpful to understand what I need to truly achieve this goal of mine. I think working side by side with others and in teams for hands on projects will be very beneficial in gaining ideas, tools and knowledge to start up myself. I think it would be great to look at businesses of both success and failure to see what I should keep in mind to attempt and to avoid when building my own. The capstone project would be a great starting point to test my ideas and theories of my own business and it could give me a lot of insight and potential to make my dream come to fruition.


Professional Selling Skills:

It’s one thing to obtain a degree and start my own business, but how will I sell that information when the time comes? Once the business is started where do I go from there? This class will help prepare me to be able to reach out to schools and families and bring them back to my business as clients. I want to be confidant in what I have built and I want to know the tools to make my vision come to life and be as successful as possible in my outreach.


Organizational Communications (WRCO):

I want to not only be an effective communicator for potential employers, but I want to be competent enough to reach out to potential employees down the line. Working with schools and families it will be extremely important to know how to write and communicate in a professional manner. I expect to write many papers, referrals, pamphlets, website pages, program outlines and much more while in my business. All of the topics touched in the course will only help me become a better communicator being an advantage to bringing in a large draw for my business.



            When it comes to working with children who demonstrate certain behaviors there is generally an underlying issue to result in said behaviors. I feel that taking this course will enable me to get a better grasp on what those factors are, playing into a child’s emotions and actions. I can begin to understand on a deeper level how to look into family dynamics, community and school situations that all play apart in the behaviors. Looking at and working on theories provided can help me better assess and treat the behaviors in my expressive program.


The program that I have created for myself wholly encompasses Interdisciplinary Studies. I have chosen to meld fields that do not typically fall into one idea, rather than just one or two disciplines that could come together. I want to gain knowledge in Business to build my company of Psychology, Counseling, Art, Music, Nature and Early Childhood Education. Within those disciplines, there are many layers, ideas, theories and advances that are unique to each making this truly an Interdisciplinary path that I want to pursue.

My future looks full of mystery and uncertainty yet bright and open to what it can be. With this program that I have created for myself I can feel assured that I am one step closer to figuring out what lies ahead for me. With PEACE of Mind I want to be successful in helping children find strength to cope with every day life. I hope to help children find their voice standing up for themselves in their homes, school and community. I want to give families comfort in knowing that their children are receiving great care and are being given an opportunity to be open, comfortable and free to express themselves in my program. With PEACE of Mind I hope to bring light to children in the dark.



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