One Semester, Two Days

I am amazed at how fast this semester is going by.  When I decided to come back to school after 6 years, I knew I was going to have a full plate.  Last semester I was able to maintain a 40 hour work week and take evening classes for a full load.  This semester I am pushing through with all courses on two days, Tuesday and Thursday, losing 10 hours of work a week.  Despite that loss, it hasn’t at all been what I was expecting!

The time is going by easier because there is less back and forth in my day and I can hunker down and do work in between classes.  While enrolled in my courses I have discovered that I have a passion for sales.  I have decided to extend my time here even more and pursue a Minor along with my Major in IDS.

Call me crazy, I know I do, but with all the time and money I have put into my education, I want to cement  for myself a future.  A future that can pay off that debt and keep me afloat when I graduate form Plymouth State University.

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