Research Project Prospectus

I have a love for children, psychology, art and nature.  I want to do a focus on the benefits of therapeutic art avenues, their techniques and results.  I think that looking at Art Therpay is too broad of a topic, so I want to narrow it in more.  When doing that, I can focus on areas of theraputic expressions of art in the forms of…





and Nature

Once I have those areas sorted out I will make a flow of each section and have it clearly stated what my objections are in reference to each domain.  The Arts will have sections under them that dig deeper and focus more on points of effectiveness, statistics, trials, cases and much more.  Some areas that I want to branch into for each of the Arts are…

Creative Outputs



History of when ideas became used in practice

Geographically where are results seen more….etc.

Some day I want to have my own business in mental health with a focus on Play Therapy.  I want to incorporate art and nature and allow my clients to have access to tools for coping and dealing with everyday struggles.  This project will allow me to understand more of what would be an effective tool versus a “handy” tool.

Digging deeper into ideas, introductions and real life cases will enable me to grow and develop my own tools for myself, my classroom and to build up upon when I am ready to use them in my own business setting down the road.

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