Summary Synthesis

All along the paths that I take there are bumps, unexpected turns, potholes and tunnels that seem to never end.  As faint as it may have seen at times, the light was always there, and it gets brighter as I near the end of my journey with my degree.  One thing I have truly realized, again, is that I would much rather be the teacher than the student.  I want to be the guide, the inspiration and the lead for those who are lost and need answers.  I want to work closely with children and guide them through tough times giving them tools to cope and courage to push on, on their own.  For my focus I chose children and their development in conjunction with art.

My Research Article focused on the positive impacts and growth that art can have on children.  Not only in the creative sense but on a deeper developmental level.  Art can enhance, bring out and blossom skills in all areas of growth. From cognitive abilities to getting ready to hold a pencil to write.  I wanted to reach home with a child I knew to show in depth how just one child showed me the power of art and how to nurture it, in turn, nurturing and encouraging so much more within himself.

The Applied Project focused on art and development as well.  This was an application that benefited both the children, as they created the art, and for the teachers who I intend as the audience. The children all took time to come visit me and create their works.  It was great one on one time which can help instill trust, value, confidence, independence, and strengthen language skills, with one on one conversations-just to name a few!  The amount of stimulation each child experienced, is more profound than meets the eye.

As I am know doctor, therapist or professional in the world of Art and its benefits, I am a seasoned teacher who has seen first hand the beauty and strength children develop when they can make a connection through art.  I want not only for children to be exposed to that, but for teachers to be aware of what they can do to promote it.  Teachers need to not be afraid of mess, or crossing curriculum areas and tools.  We need to allow children to be free, create and be encouraged to their fullest extent.

My hope is to see more art within nature and nature within art at schools and in homes.  As our children gown, so should their opportunities.


Always Encourage.

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