That Road Down There…

Me on the summit of Mt. Moosilauke

I used to think I would travel across the states in a van before I was thirty. I’d have my dog, teach myself guitar, meet new people etc..  Well truth be told, the closest I’ve gotten to that dream, is I am a year from being thirty.  In the last few years I have come to the realization that this is okay.  My path has been a bit windier than I imagined or would have liked, but I have yet to find a portal to take me back! I have reflected, reassessed and realized that my plan has extended until I am 40.  I still have years to become who I want to be in the scholarly sense, and I will only continue to discover myself more in depth up here in the White Mountains.

Floral Tree Cookies Created by my Infant classroom: 3 months of age to 2 years of age.

After I receive my Bachelors I plan on applying for my Masters in Mental Health with a focus on Play Therapy at Plymouth State University.  I hope to have my own business around here with a  focus on the arts as therapeutic outlets.  What better place than the White Mountains for that?!  However, just like I don’t own a time portal, I don’t have a magic button to just up an have my own business.  I have, however, come up with the name for my business which makes me want it even more!  To see my name and my business’ name on a card, a door or even a restaurant placemat, will be the most rewarding personal accomplishment .  In the mean time I plan on pursuing a career in sales.

I have recently applied and have been interviewed for a sales manager at a company here in the Whites. I am just now waiting to hear back about another interview with the GM of the company.  So…fingers crossed!  I would love nothing more than to have the opportunity to grow and learn within a sales company about the process and myself as a salesperson.  I am ambitious and want to make a name for myself in sales without the compromise of city life, where most large companies reside.  Having the opportunity up here to work and build more school experience at the same time, will hopefully help me out with future endeavors, along with connections I have made.

Artists Bluff. The only picture I have taken while climbing and I’m not even in it! Did a small climb up for 4th of July last year.

As far as my ambitions for education and career goes, I know what I want and I am making my way towards it.  I do not want to compromise adventure along the way.  I want to have fun and see the world.  I recently began learning how to climb and I have gained the ski bug rather quickly in learning how to ski as well!  I want to take in every day up here and look at my surroundings as I go through my daily tasks, commutes and repeat.  The outdoors lay right beyond my door and it is an opportunity I want to soak up for as long as I can.  And so far it’s looking like I’ll be here for a while before I am ready to go down the road less traveled.

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